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Hypno Gastric Band – £200 payable upfront in full.

The hypno gastric band is a non-invasive, cognitive behavioural technique using suggestion under hypnosis to help you lose weight. Suggestion will be made to your subconscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted around your stomach. Your body will respond accordingly, believing that your stomach has shrunk, making you feel fuller more quickly.

During the sessions we will devise a plan together to help you create a new healthy regime to assist your weight loss goals. This is then reinforced under hypnosis where you will visualise achieving those goals.

Whilst I am running a business, I am acutely aware that your hard-earned money is precious. I would also like to add that I sincerely have your best interests at heart and really want you to succeed. With that in mind I feel it only fair to tell you that the hypno gastric band is not for everyone and it is not successful for everyone. The hypno gastric band is dependent on you. YOU are responsible for your own success! This is not a short-term fix for those that don’t have to apply themselves. You need to be absolutely committed to losing weight in your heart and your head.

Hypnotic suggestion is more successful with those with the right mindset and focus. Those that most successfully lose weight are those that truly want to change their lifestyle, food relationships and eating habits. Though it does not mean that the hypno gastric band cannot work for you. Hypnotherapy is subjective. If you are truly committed to losing weight then the hypno gastric band can help you to achieve this.

The benefits of the hypno gastric band are vast. You will not have to visit a hospital. You do not have to undergo distressing, gruelling surgery so there is no pain and no recovery time. You can get straight back to your life and your loved ones. There will be no loss of earnings due to taking time off work. The hypno gastric band works by using your own creative mind power meaning you can achieve whatever you wish.

The Hypno Gastric Band is performed over four sessions:

Session 1 – Week 1
You will have a consultation and together we will devise a plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals. This is then reinforced under hypnosis to help you visualise achieving those goals. This is a very powerful and profound start to the weight loss process.

Session 2 – Week 2
This session prepares you for meeting your anaesthetist and surgeon. Under hypnosis you will visualise familiarising yourself with the friendly hospital staff who will perform the hypno gastric band.

Session 3 – Week 3
You will have your hypno gastric band surgery under hypnosis. Sound effects are played during the hypnosis, really helping to enhance the experience.

Session 4 – Week 7
Four weeks after your hypno gastric band surgery you will come back for a check-up to see how you are getting on. This session is used to check whether the hypno gastric band needs loosening or tightening. If neither is required you can simply come for some lovely relaxing hypnosis instead.

Cost £200 payable up front in full.

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