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The back, neck & shoulders are the most common areas for carrying the stresses and strains of daily life. We sit at our desks all day, drive our vehicles, run around after our children and play sport, all whilst trying to maintain a healthy posture. This can be hard work and puts a huge strain on our upper bodies!

Whether you fancy a good de-knotting or just a nice relaxing massage, the back, neck & shoulder massage is the perfect solution for you.

Your massage will start with an application of warm oil and stretching and friction movements to warm up the muscles. Deep kneading techniques are then targeted at common tension areas to help break down those stubborn nodules and loosen up the muscles. This is followed by hacking and chopping movements to further relax the muscles and encourage healthy blood flow. The massage will end with long, gliding ‘effleurage’ strokes that will leave you feeling relaxed, euphoric & invigorated.

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