Simply Serenity

Reiki Two Training Course

Price: £170.00
Venue: Gosport, Hampshire.
Duration: One day
Entry requirements: Reiki One qualification required

This level really helps strengthen your connection with this beautiful and spiritual healing art. You will be taught three of the sacred symbols that Dr Usui saw whilst on his pilgrimage to Mount Kurama which will really enhance your Reiki practise.

You will learn how to use these symbols for self-protection and cleansing as well as protecting and cleansing your healing space both before and after treatment. You will also learn all about distant healing so that you may send Reiki over distance and time to anyone that might benefit from it, including yourself.

The Reiki two level will qualify you as a practitioner so that you can offer Reiki at a professional level.

What this course covers:

  • Reiki two level symbols
  • How to cleanse and protect both yourself and your workspace
  • Distant healing
  • How to perform a client consultation
  • Health, safety and hygiene in the workplace
  • Code of conduct, practise and ethics
  • Therapist insurance cover

This is a really exciting level full of revelations and insights that will leave you feeling excited and desperate to practise!

Price £170.00

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