Simply Serenity

This delightful treatment starts with a revitalising cleanse, tone & moisturise to remove the daily grime; using lotions specifically chosen for your skin type. Pressure strokes and kneading movements are then used to relieve and relax the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders, sending you off into a dreamlike state!

A deep cleansing mask finishes this treatment and you are given some ‘alone time’ to breathe a contented sigh and bask in the ambience of your surroundings.

The Benefits of a Facial

  • Improves muscle tone
  • Improves facial skin
  • May help relieve tension headaches and facial aches
  • Alleviation of anxiety and stress
  • Relieves eyestrain
  • Improves blood flow and lymph circulation
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Decongests pores and lifts impurities
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • Gives the skin a healthier glow

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