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Aromatherapy Body Massage Training Course

Price: £550.00
Venue: Gosport, Hampshire
Duration: 2 days
Entry requirements: No previous experience or knowledge necessary. An Anatomy and Physiology pack with some set questions will be emailed to you for you to answer and email back. This must be completed and sent back one week prior to starting the course. There will be no tests during the course.

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years to ancient cultures that believed in its medical benefits. In today’s increasingly stressful, yet open minded society there is a growing trend toward supplementing traditional medicine with other methods of healing.

This 2-day course will be broken down into two elements:


Body Massage Training

Your day will start with some engaging theory to stimulate and tease those eager braincells in preparation for the practical element, and the bit we are all excited to learn, massage! You will gain insightful knowledge of massage techniques, massage mediums and that all-important information on when it may not be appropriate to perform massage therapy.

There will be numerous practical demonstrations throughout the day, highlighting common problem areas within the body and showing you various massage techniques to help eliminate them. You will have the opportunity to mirror your tutor at each stage of the massage and plenty of time to stop and ask questions or repeat what you have seen until you are happy you are getting it right.

At the end of the day you will have practised a full body massage treatment under the full and undivided guidance of your tutor and will leave brimming with confidence and ready to perform a full body massage treatment.

What this course covers:

  • Origins of massage
  • Psychological and physiological benefits of massage
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Other types of massage
  • Contra-indications
  • Contra-indications restricting a treatment
  • Contra-actions
  • Adaptions to the treatment
  • Preparing your room for treatment
  • How to perform a client consultation
  • Client consultation form
  • Client consultation treatment record
  • Aftercare advice
  • Example doctor’s consent letter
  • Trolley check list
  • Massage techniques
  • Body massage routine
  • Health, safety and hygiene
  • Therapist insurance cover

Aromatherapy Body Massage Training Course


Aromatherapy Training

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils dates back thousands of years and is originally thought to have been used by the Ancient Egyptians in religious ceremonies, burials and for medicinal purposes. Today, this wonderful ancient art form combines the powerful use of essential oils to offer a holistic massage therapy that can benefit mind, body & soul.

This comprehensive course will help you to identify your client’s Aromatherapy needs, any associated contra-indications (reasons why you may not be able to perform treatment) and the knowledge to prepare your essential oil blend with confidence.

You will learn how to store your essential oils effectively for longevity and safety as well as which oils to avoid for many common conditions.

This extensive course will help you develop understanding and knowledge of Aromatherapy and its vast benefits and how to incorporate it into your massage business.

There will be numerous engaging and fun practical activities throughout the day which will help prepare you to blend your own essential oil mix. You will then have the opportunity to practise a full-body Aromatherapy massage treatment.

What this course covers:

  • History of Aromatherapy
  • What are Essential Oils?
  • How Essential Oils Work
  • Methods of Extraction
  • Massage Mediums
    Storing Essential Oils
  • Physical and Psychological Effects of Aromatherapy Oils
  • Effects of Aromatherapy Oils on Body Systems
  • Safety with Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils to Avoid for Certain Conditions
  • Contra-indications
  • Blending Essential Oils
  • Therapist Insurance Cover
  • Glossary of Therapeutic Qualities
  • Essential Oil Data Sheets

Price £550.00

Payment must be made in full at the end of day one. This is non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you do not complete day two immediately after day one, no refunds will be given and you will be unable to transfer day two to another date.

You will receive a Body Massage Diploma certificate at the end of day one.
You will receive an Aromatherapy Diploma certificate at the end of day two.
You will not receive your Aromatherapy certificate nor have a qualification in Aromatherapy until you have completed day one and day two subsequently.

This course is accredited by Professional Beauty Direct. You will receive two Diploma certificates upon completion, enabling you attain insurance and practise as a professional Aromatherapist.

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