Indian head massage is an invigorating seated massage encompassing the back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face. This massage can be performed without having to remove clothing, though the treatment is more beneficial when relaxing oils are applied directly to the skin.

Originating in India over a thousand years ago, Indian head massage derived from an ancient family tradition. Women originally developed the technique to strengthen and improve the fullness of their hair by stimulating the pressure points on the scalp. The technique evolved and became part of everyday life, treating babies to the elderly, and forming a tradition that was handed down through the generations.

The massage starts with a good shake of the shoulders , followed by friction rubbing and deep kneading to help warm and relax the muscles. Moving over the back, hitting pressure points along the way, your muscles begin to loosen as you feel the tension slowly seeping from your body. It’s then time for an exhilarating head massage, using techniques that stimulate the scalp and revive the brain. Finally, the treatment ends with various facial massage techniques, offering relaxation and welcome relief from headaches and sinus problems.

Benefits of Indian head massage
Relieves stress and its effects on the systems of the body
Soothes and relaxes sore/tense muscles
Improves circulation
Relieves headaches, migraines, eye strain, sinus problems
Can help alleviate and relieve insomnia & mental tiredness
Helps alleviate lethargy and fatigue
Clears the mind as improves circulation to the brain
Promotes healthy hair growth
Relieves tension
Helps blood & lymph flow to the upper body