It is important that Simply Serenity learns a little about your general health and any past/present medical conditions that may affect your treatment. In order to facilitate this, you will have a free 20 minute consultation and a personal treatment plan will be devised, tailored to suit your needs. All information will be kept strictly confidential.
Before your treatment

Massage To get the best from your treatment:


Please come showered and free from perfumes and creams; this allows the massage oils to permeate more freely.
Drink plenty of fresh water to aid in the detoxification process.
Please tie up long hair.


After your treatment
Following your massage treatment you may experience some of the following reactions. These are perfectly natural and only temporary:

Feelings of tiredness (often replaced by revitalisation) due to release of toxins
Aching in the muscles due to release of toxins and nerve fibres responding to massage
Heightened emotional state
Active eliminatory organs, meaning you may go to the toilet more often
You can ensure maximum benefit from your treatment by:
Drinking plenty of fresh water to help flush out toxins released during treatment
Avoiding tea, coffee, alcohol and other toxicant substances for a reasonable period of time
Avoiding heavy meals straight after treatment, whilst the body is using its energy for healing